Spending Money

11 years ago my sweet and spunky grandmother (Mama/Mom Griffin to everyone she met) went to her heavenly home at 94 years old. She had some tough times in her life, but she always had a smile and a laugh to share with the world. This is an envelope with 97 cents and a “note” that I gave to her when I was 4 years old. I wanted her to have some “spending money” at camp. Twenty years later she gave it back to me and told me the story. I still have it. Probably always will. I think I get my sentimentality and hoarding of memorabilia from her! ‪#‎AmazingHeritage‬ #‎thankful‬ #HopeIGotHerLongevityGenes‬

Mama G

HBD, Mindy Loo!

Today is the BIRTHDAY of my fabulous, wacky, optimistic, funny, crazy, wonderful, sister-in-law. So thankful the Lord put us in California at the same time! Happy Birthday, Mindy Loo!! #ProvidentialTiming #MyBrotherMarriedWell #IveKnownHer39Years #ButWeAreNotOld



LG Turns 3

Our cute little niece turns 3 today! One of my jobs is to make sure she has as much LSU purple in her life as UT orange! HBD, LG!! #GeauxLSU #LilNiece