Mother’s Day

I miss Mom so much…not just on this difficult day but every single day.

In this photo you can’t see mom’s right hand because when we would hug like this, she’d reach through and tickle me. She’s got a mischievous look on her face and, of course, my mouth is wide open! #goodtimes #bestmom #hugeglasses #college  


February 10

Here is a great letter with perfect and heartbreaking insight on this day, what would have been our twins, Joseph and Hope’s 14th birthday.  We have so much love for all our friends who have walked this same path.  If you haven’t experienced this pain, but have friends who have, this letter might be helpful to you.

To lose a child is to lose the very heart and soul of you. It is overwhelmingly disorienting. It takes a long, long time to find yourself again. It takes a long time to grow new life around the chasm of such grave loss. It takes a long time to grow beauty from ashes.