Happy Heavenly 80th, Mom

(Warning: long nostalgic post!) Today would have been my mother’s 80th
birthday. And soon it will be 20 years since she left this painful world for her home in Heaven. It takes my breath away to type those numbers. I recently spent time at Disney World (over 20 yrs since my last visit) and it was unexpectedly nostalgic. I grew up going there with my family and so many of those memories came rushing back as I re-traced spots in this “magical” kingdom. Not long before, I re-discovered this photo from over 40 years ago, and it seemed like it was just yesterday. Thanks to my friend and colleague who helped me find the same spot for another photo. I’m so thankful that all the memories are still very fresh. I remember praying 20 years ago that I wouldn’t forget all the special little things about her that made her the most amazing woman and mother I’ve ever known! Happy Birthday, Mom. I feel sure you got a big party with singing, skits, dancing, and chocolate! 😘 #DisneyWorld #samewhitebench #quoteonwall#perfect