Daily Lent Reflections

Each lent I sign up to receive some sort of lenten reflections by email. This year I signed up for Living Lent Daily by Loyola Press, a Jesuit organization. I’ve been receiving these from Loyola and they’ve been good. Each day’s email includes a verse, meditation and then several “Lenten Actions” which might include an additional reading, a video, ideas for aservice project, etc.

Then this week my friend, Stefene, sent me a link to BIOLA’s Lent Project. That one didn’t come up in my search this year so I was really glad to get it. Each day’s meditation includes a passage of scripture, a work of art (sometimes poetry or a video), a work of music, and a short written meditation. You can view it online or sign up for daily email alerts.

I’ve enjoyed both of these and have found meaningful reflections from both. For me lent is a time to stop, reflect, think about my year, think about who I am, intentionally take time to clear my head, consider changes that need to be made to my attitude, repent from any sins that have become a habit since last year, change a routine (whether not doing something or adding something I don’t normally do), and focus on our Savior’s ultimate sacrifice for me and what that truly means. I encourage you to do the same.