Tomorrow is Not Guaranteed

My heart has just been so heavy since I heard of Ben’s unexpected passing. I’ve spent many, many hours in meetings with him and almost as many hours texting or chatting with him, which he insisted on if we needed help and it couldn’t wait. He was so joyful, genuine, and always spent time getting to know people before talking about work. Plus he loved what he did and you could tell. We laughed a lot. I remember the last time I saw him on my last trip back to Pasadena…we saw each other across campus but both of us were walking with others doing work stuff, so we just smiled, waved, and yelled “hi”. Our paths didn’t cross again that trip. I sure wish I had gone over and spoken to him.
So here’s the reminder, y’all…we don’t know what tomorrow holds. Savor today, text that friend, send that card, go on that coffee date, say a kind word, help someone in need, and take time to catch up with someone TODAY. “I’ll do it tomorrow” is not guaranteed. #hopeineternity#FullersFinest #taketimetoday