Happy New Year 2018!

It’s hard for us to believe that a little over a year ago we sold most of our stuff and moved out of California. As you recall from last year’s update, being so far away from family while in California for 7 years was difficult. As planned, we had a very full year of travel and lots of family time. And we’re so thankful for that! We wish you a very Happy New Year, and we hope our paths cross with you in 2018!

Our year in numbers:

  • 14,265 Road Miles (we won’t scare you with the gas budget numbers!)
  • 30,212 Air Miles (thanks to Matthew’s trip to Spain)
  • 15 states (Ginger has less than 2 yrs to get to Alaska to meet her goal of all 50 states by 50!)
  • 12 times back and forth between family in Alabama and Tennessee
  • 16,025 photos on Ginger’s phone (she may have a problem)
  • 767 videos on Ginger’s phone (seriously, a real problem)
  • 137 sunset photos (much fewer sunrise photos!)
  • 1 case of Shingles for Ginger (ouch!) and severe flu for Matthew (ick!)
  • 327 cups of plain yogurt for Matthew’s breakfast
  • 11 new food allergies discovered for Ginger (it’s much easier to tell you what she CAN eat than what she can’t)
  • 730 times we fed Bailey (she sure can tell time!)
  • 25 years of marriage, that’s 9,125 days!!

(To see our marriage by the numbers, check out this post.)